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The Full Story


At 39 years young, Seanna never thought she would be fighting for her life. #SeannaStrong clothing is inspired by Seanna's diagnosis of breast cancer and her tremendous faith in God.  


About Seanna

      Seanna is a beautiful wife to Scot and Momma of 3 sweet kiddos, Brody (15), Adley (12) and Emree (9). She loves her people hard and is a true light of Christ. Whenever there is a soccer or hockey game, you’ll find her cheering loudly on the sidelines and loving on all those around her. Seanna enjoys serving others in her community, leading her team of entrepreneures and embracing her family and friends with all the love she has to give. Truly, Seanna is the ultimate cheerleader in sports and in life... You can always count on her to pray over you, be there for you when the going gets tough, or just laugh with you when life happens. 
Seanna is BOLD in her faith and STRONG in her conviction to share the love of Jesus with everyone she meets. She is a warrior and true fighter for Christ, with such a strong faith and willingness to do whatever it takes to stand for Jesus!

On September 3rd, 2022 Seanna found a lump in her breast and was ultimately diagnosed with ______. She is very optimistic about her treatment plan and will do everything it takes to beat the diagnosis. 

The cost of treatment and time off of work for her and Scot, has the potential to take a toll on their family finances- but we hope the #SeannaStrong clothing line will help offset the financial burden for their family, while she fights for her life.

ALL profits from the sale of the #SeannaStrong clothing line, will go directly to Seanna and her family. All other products found in the Prairie Faith Designs store, will donate 15% to Seanna's family. 


#SeannaStrong clothing is here to inspire, encourage and bless Seanna and her family, as they fight the battle against breast cancer. All profits from the #SeannaStrong Clothing line, will help Seanna's family cover expenses incurred during her treatment and recovery. 

Feel free to follow Seanna's fight against cancer at: 

We encourage you to wear your #SeannaStrong shirts on her treatment and surgery dates, to show your support and let her know she is not fighting this alone. 
Announcements for these dates, will be made on the
carringbridge site. 

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